Philly is just fine for a day trip, but not necessarily as a place to live, according to a new poll of area suburbanites.

The survey of 801 residents from the seven counties surrounding the city limits was conducted by the Pew Charitable Trust's Philadelphia Research Initiative. According to the poll, 81 percent said that the city was a great place to visit for a variety of cultural or sporting events.

"People love it as a place to visit, there's no question about that," said Larry Eichel, project director of the Philadelphia Research Initiative.

But most of those folks are happy to remain fans from afar. Only 42 percent of those polled said that they would recommend the city as a place to live.

Some other findings:

* Looking to the future, 53 percent of those polled said that the city was headed in the right direction, while 24 percent said that it was on the wrong track.

* On reasons to come into town, 96 percent said for the historical sites, 94 percent for the arts, 92 percent for sporting events and 90 percent for restaurants. Just 64 percent gave shopping as a motivation.

* Asked how important the city's business and social conditions were to the city, 78 percent said very or somewhat important.