Windowizards, the Levittown-based home-improvement company, appears to have abruptly shut down, leaving behind more questions than answers for workers and customers.

Customer Brian Burnett, 34, of Torresdale, was told by a sales representative that the company shut down yesterday.

"I feel sorry that they lost their jobs a week before Christmas," Burnett said. "Obviously, it is a shock and a surprise to me."

Burnett said he put down a $1,600 deposit for three windows and a patio door that were scheduled to be installed in his condominium within the next six weeks.

He was going to pay the remaining $3,900 after the installation. Now Burnett just hopes he's able to get his deposit back.

Shortly before 1 p.m. yesterday, Burnett said, he received a phone call from a sales representative who said he was calling from his house phone because the employees had to turn in their cars and cell phones and were told they no longer had jobs.

The sales representative said he was alerting his customers about the bad news, Burnett said, and he assured Burnett that he would get his deposit back, but it wasn't clear how.

"I'm not ever going to see that money again," Burnett said.

The company's website was off-line yesterday, and a tarp covered the company's sign on Bristol Pike in Levittown, according to a Fox 29 report.

Windowizards President David Goodman hung up when a Daily News reporter reached him on his cell phone last night.

"It sounds very, very shady," Burnett said. "For them to shut down their website, put a tarp over their sign . . . this is not regular behavior for a business that has been in business for about 60 years. They should exhibit some professionalism - not just turn and walk away."