1 The rescheduled Eagles-Vikings game gives us something better to watch tonight than a rerun of "The Good Wife."

2 The Kensington Strangler is too cold to leave the dark, stinking hole he hides in when he's not stalking vulnerable women.

3 The crowds are light at Foxwoods Casino. Oh, wait-there is no Foxwoods Casino.

4 Finally, Mayor Nutter gets to lead a snow-angel flash mob on Dilworth Plaza!

5 Have you noticed how the moon on the crest of the new-fallen snow gives the appearance of cleanliness to the subway steps below?

6 Ice floes make for a cheap winter ferry between Penn's Landing and Camden.

7 Thanks to stranded, out-of-state holiday travelers, Pennsylvania's census has swelled. Yay! We get our congressional seat back!

8 The LCB is retooling its broken wine kiosks to sell Hot Buttered Four Loko.

9 Raging winds blow accidentally released Delaware County Prison inmates back inside the jailhouse.

10 The Boy Scouts headquarters, at 22nd and Winter, looks glorious and gay when it sparkles with icicles. FAB-ulous!

11 Despite subzero temperatures, city sheriffs successfully evict Sheriff Green from cozy office.

12 Parx Casino + snow-covered parking lots = fewer abandoned kids.

13 Calories in a cup of Wawa Eggnog Cappuccino: 220. Calories burned in three hours by a 160-pound man snowshoeing the perimeter of Franklin Mills Mall: 1,600. Bottoms up!

14 Frostbitten fingers keep surly wreck-chasers from shooting their guns.

15 Grounded passengers at Philly International actually ask to be X-rayed and frisked, just to break up the tedium of waiting for Delta to resume service to Cleveland.

16 The number of entrepreneur snow shovelers is usually greater than the number of Revenue Department employees needed to slap them with the Business Privilege Tax.

17 What other time of year can Cliff Lee practice his knuckle-curve with an iceball?

18 Wii Fit's newest virtual-exercise craze: Holding the ZooBalloon steady in 50-mile winds.

19 Inclement weather forces PHA to cancel its annual, $500-per-person gala celebrating the wedding anniversary of Carl Greene's aunt's neighbor's youngest stepdaughter's dance instructor.

20 Leave it to culinary innovator Jose Garces to show us how street salt can really "savor up" a hearty winter stew.

21 When the wind hits City Hall tower with just the right amount of force-per-square-inch, it kind of looks like Billy Penn is shivering up there.

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