Bullies, be warned: You mess with 13-year-old Nadin Khoury, you mess with his favorite football player, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, and two teammates who can make you regret your actions: guard Todd Herremans (6 feet 6, 321 pounds) and center Jamaal Jackson (6 feet 4, 325 pounds).

And at least one Marine Corps unit. Not to mention Whoopi Goldberg.

Khoury, a student of Upper Darby High School's Opportunity Center who was attacked in a videotaped bullying incident that went viral this week, appeared yesterday on ABC's "The View," where he was praised as a hero for speaking out against bullying. He also was presented with a No. 10 jersey signed by DeSean Jackson.

"Maybe if other people can hear what happened, maybe somebody can step in and help, maybe somebody could help stop it," said Khoury, who was joined on the show by his parents and sister. "Because next time, it's not just going to be me. It's going to be somebody else, somebody smaller than me. . . . Somebody could really get hurt."

Khoury was not seriously injured when he was wedged into a tree, dragged on the ground and hanged by his coat from a 7-foot-high metal fence post. Seven schoolmates were arrested Monday and remain at the Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center pending a hearing next week. The cell-phone video shocked the nation.

"You all right, brotha?" DeSean Jackson asked as he draped his arm over Khoury's shoulder on the set of "The View." The boy nodded. "It's gonna be all right," Jackson said.

Several Daily News readers have offered to help the family since the news broke Monday, including a sports-league organizer who plans to buy Khoury a winter coat and a local contractor who said he would donate Sixers tickets and a gift card.

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Jessica Alcala read that Khoury is an aspiring Marine and decided yesterday to send him a care package from Marine Helicopter Squadron One, the presidential helicopter support unit based at Quantico, Va.

"I completely remember what it was like to have that dream," Alcala, 20, said of Khoury's plans to join the military.

Until he becomes a leatherneck, Khoury has an impressive posse.

"Anytime you ever need us, I got two lineman right here, man," DeSean Jackson said.

"Anything like that ever happens again," Herremans added, "you just let us know. We got ya."

"Us, too," added Goldberg.