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Antisocial Register: The indicted alleged wiseguys

Here's a rundown of the 13 Philly La Cosa Nostra alleged wiseguys and wannabes who were included in the 50-count superseding indictment released yesterday.

Gaeton "Gate" Lucibello
Gaeton "Gate" LucibelloRead moreALEJANDRO A. ALVAREZ / Staff photographer

Here's a rundown of the 13 Philly La Cosa Nostra alleged wiseguys and wannabes who were included in the 50-count superseding indictment released yesterday.

* Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi, 72

Residence: Packer Park section of South Philadelphia

Charges: Counts under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, conspiracy, obstruction, extortion and operating illegal gambling and sports- bookmaking business.

Accusations: Feds say the reputed Philly La Cosa Nostra leader and other defendants operated numerous illegal gambling businesses. They claim that Ligambi and his two closest associates ran JMA Video Poker Business, putting their illegal machines in bars, restaurants, convenience stores and coffee shops in the city. He's also accused of loan-sharking and extortion. Violence was almost always implied when it came to debtors.

History: The longtime mobster rose through the ranks of the Philly mob first as an underboss, then acting boss. When "Skinny Joey" Merlino was put away, Ligambi reportedly became the boss. Ligambi served 10 years for murder but was released in 1997, when the conviction was overturned.

* Joseph "Mousie" Massimino, 61

Hometown: Philadelphia

Charges: RICO, conspiracy and illegal electronic gambling and sports-bookmaking business.

Accusations: Feds say that Mousie and his associates ran an illegal gambling operation at Lou's Crab Bar, on West Moyamensing Avenue. He was also allegedly a partner in JMA with Ligambi.

History: Massimino was convicted of racketeering and other charges in New Jersey in 2004, but the feds say that the five-plus years he spent in prison didn't stop him from mob crime.

* George "Georgie" Borgesi, 47

Hometown: Philadelphia

Charges: RICO, conspiracy and extortion.

Accusations: Borgesi is Ligambi's nephew and is described as a high-ranking member of the Enterprise, even though he's been incarcerated for much of the investigation.

History: Borgesi was sentenced to 14 years in prison, along with Merlino, in 2001 on racketeering and conspiracy charges. He was to be released from federal prison in North Carolina in July. He was also tied to the Delco La Cosa Nostra case from 2008.

* Martin "Marty" Angelina, 48

Hometown: Philadelphia

Charges: RICO conspiracy, conspiracy, extortion and illegal gambling-device business.

Accusations: Marty, a mob underboss, is accused of operating an illegal video-poker business at the 1st Ward Republican Club, on Woodstock Street near Passyunk Avenue, with two other defendants.

History: Marty was a leader in the "Skinny Joey" regime. He was jailed in 2000 on racketeering charges, accused of being an extortion enforcer. He was also sentenced to probation last year for spitting in the face of a Margate, N.J., police officer.

* Anthony "Ant" Staino Jr., 53

Hometown: Swedesboro section of Woolwich Township, in Gloucester County, N.J.

Charges: RICO, racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, along with illegal gambling-device business and sports bookmaking.

Accusations: Feds say Staino, a partner in JMA, assisted Ligambi in controlling the gambling, extortion and loan-sharking operation. He often referred to the video-poker machines as "coffee machines" in conversations, feds say.

History: Staino is Ligambi's alleged underboss and is considered to be one of his closest allies. He is the nephew of former mobster Ralph "Junior" Staino.

* Gaeton "The Big Guy" Lucibello, also known as "Gate," 58

Residence: Philadelphia

Charges: RICO conspiracy, illegal gambling-device business.

Accusations: The Big Guy is a "made" man and a close friend of Massimino's. He's accused of helping Mousie conduct his affairs from prison, including collecting debts and extortion proceeds. The feds claim that he personally participated in two illegal gambling businesses at Cholly Bears, on 13th Street near Moyamensing Avenue, and DiNics, on Snyder Avenue near 15th Street.

History: The Gate is a former associate of mobster Frank Gambino and is a high-ranking member of the Enterprise. He was arrested on racketeering charges in 1994 and released from federal prison in 1996. Former mob boss John Stanfa wanted him dead.

* Damion "Dame" Canalichio, 41

Residence: Philadelphia

Charges: RICO, conspiracy, illegal gambling-device business, llegal sports-bookmaking business.

Accusations: He's considered a "made" man in the LCN. The feds say Canalichio assisted in sports bookmaking and loan-sharking from prison. He allegedly described to one victim how he caught a debtor by surprise and beat him with a bat.

History: Canalichio, an ex-top aide of former mob underboss Steve Mazzone, is incarcerated. He was arrested by the FBI in 2006 for selling cocaine near the Melrose Diner.

* Louis "Bent Finger Louie" Monacello, 44

Residence: Philadelphia

Charges: RICO, conspiracy, extortion.

Accusations: Monacello, a close friend of Borgesi's, is accused of helping his imprisoned buddy run loan-sharking operations.

History: Monacello, a top figure in the Delaware County-based gambling and loan-sharking enterprise, was sentenced in 2009 to 11 1/2 to 23 months in prison. He was caught on a wiretap paying money to have Angelina, a "made" man, badly beaten.

* Louis "Sheep" Barretta, 47

Residence: Philadelphia

Charges: RICO and illegal sports bookmaking.

Accusations: Feds say Sheep extended credit and collected gambling and usury debts for the Enterprise, along with taking part in loan-sharking and extortion.

History: According to records, Barretta was charged with bookmaking in 2004, but it was unclear if he was convicted.

* Gary Battaglini, 50

Hometown: Clementon, N.J.

Charges: RICO, conspiracy and illegal sports-bookmaking business.

Accusations: Feds say that Battaglini was among many defendants who loan-sharked and used extortion to collect. In 2002, he allegedly told one victim to make a payment or he would "see a side of me you ain't gonna f---ing enjoy . . . 'cause right now I wanna f---in' put a bullet in your head."

History: He was charged in relation to the Delaware La Cosa Nostra case in 2008.

* Robert "Boots" Verrecchia, also known as Bootsie, 42

Residence: Philadelphia

Charges: Illegal gambling devices and sports-bookmaking business.

Accusations: Boots is an associate of Massimino's and allegedly helped Mousie run illegal gambling operations and sports bookmaking at Lou's Crab Bar.

* Eric Esposito, 40

Residence: Philadelphia

Charges: Illegal gambling-device business.

Accusations: The feds claim that Esposito was an assistant to Angelina and Canalichio, and that all three operated video-poker machines at the First Ward Republican Club. The club sometimes brought in $2,000 per day.

History: Convicted of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine in New Jersey in 1995. He was released from federal prison in 2005.

* Robert "Bobby" Ranieri, 36

Hometown: Gloucester Township, N.J.

Charges: Conspiracy, extortion.

Accusations: Ranieri, described as an associate of Staino's, allegedly told an undercover officer not to "f--- with" Staino and to repay his debt. Ranieri is also accused with Staino of helping the officer produce a fraudulent IRS form.

- Jason Nark