You can run, pal, but you can't hide from

Daily News


That's the life lesson that fugitive Brandon "Ozzie" Diaz learned yesterday, authorities said, when an eagle-eyed People's Paper reader helped to bring his run from the law to an end.

U.S. marshals arrested the 21-year-old, who was wanted for allegedly pointing a gun at Philadelphia police in North Philly on April 24, after they found him hiding in a crawl space in a bedroom on Reach Street near Clearfield about 4 p.m., a spokesman for the marshals said.

A reader who saw Diaz's mug yesterday in the paper's "Week's Most Wanted" feature tipped off marshals to his hiding spot.

The tipster turned down a $1,000 reward that the marshals were offering for information on Diaz's whereabouts, the spokesman said.

Diaz was shot in the shoulder by an officer during his encounter two months ago with the Philly cops, but he managed to escape.

He also was wanted on an attempted-murder warrant that stemmed from another incident in April when he allegedly shot an associate of his sister's, the marshals spokesman said.