A look at Rocco Maniscalco on the first anniversary of his death.

Age when killed: 38

Family: He and his wife, Danielle Romanoff-Maniscalco, and their four children lived in South Philadelphia.

His uncle: Harry "The Hunchback" Riccobene, whose feud with former mob boss Nicodemo "Little Nicky" Scarfo erupted into the bloody "Riccobene War" in the 1980s that mob-watchers say eventually toppled both men.

Buddies with: Angelo Lutz, a "reformed" mob associate who was convicted of racketeering and who reinvented himself after his August 2008 prison release as the "Kitchen Consigliere" on a Philly.com show. He runs a Collingswood, N.J., BYOB by the same name. Maniscalco also was a close friend of reputed mob associate and violent felon Carl Bradley, a longtime target of law-enforcement.

Day job: He owned New Era Collision, an auto-body and towing company housed in a nondescript business park at 25th and Wharton streets. He also owned several rental properties.

Side job: He was an independent bookie who also sometimes placed bets with mob bookies on behalf of others, according to his family.

- Dana DiFilippo and William Bender