CITY COUNCILWOMAN Marian Tasco will retire today, collect a six-figure pension payment and then return to work after she's sworn in on Monday to serve her seventh term.

Because of her enrollment in the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP), Tasco will collect $478,057 within 45 days, according to Francis Bielli, executive director for the city's Board of Pensions and Retirement. Most of that money will roll over into a tax-deferred account, Bielli said.

What can Marian do with her winnings? Tasco did not respond to requests for comment - but the Daily News is only too happy to help:

She'll able to buy a lovely Shore home - specifically a three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence in Cape May ($238,000) - from which she'll be able to drive to Philly's City Hall in luxury in a new 2012 Bentley Continental GT ($189,900). If the sun gets in her eyes while en route, she'll be able to don any of three pairs of cat-eyed tortoise-shell brown-framed Prada sunglasses, at $160 apiece ($480). Seated alongside her in the car for protection she can have a handsome, young Philadelphia cop, at the average starting salary after graduation from the Police Academy ($45,420).

And after all that, she'll still have 5-grand left over, to take to the Atlantic City casinos one day when she's a bit too stressed out from work.