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AS LATE-afternoon sun breaks through the clouds and residents enjoy a warm Sunday afternoon on their patios on Tudor Street off Frankford Avenue, Mayfair Town Watch President Milt Martelack kicks back with Vice President Anna Stacey as her husband prepares a barbecued feast on his double grill.

"If you go through the neighborhood, you'll see everyone else doing the same thing," Martelack says with a grin. "It's my favorite thing to do, barbecue and have a few beers, hang out with the neighbors."

Like the smell of charcoal that hangs in the air this Sunday, a sense of relief also permeates the community as people relax on deck chairs outside their brick rowhouses. David Toledo, the alleged Mayfair tire-slasher who terrorized the tight-knit community over the past few months, is behind bars, the kids are running along the sidewalk and all is right with the world.

"We're absolutely breathing a sigh of relief," says Martelack, 42, who helped to re-establish the town watch about five months ago. "I can't say enough how betrayed we feel."

But with the tire-slashing ordeal behind them, Martelack and Stacey — and the rest of the community — no longer have to lock up at night worried about what state of disrepair they'll find their cars in the next morning. As Stacey's husband, Kenn, prepares a meal of pork chops with marinated onions and pineapple-mango salsa, the conversation quickly turns to the upcoming May Fair.

Stacey, 32, and Martelack share a laugh over the local leaders they've hooked to sit in the dunk tank during the May 19 fair — 15th Police District Capt. Frank Bachmayer and state Rep. Kevin Boyle.

"We'll have 'Dunk the captain,'" Martelack jokes, his right arm in a sling after recent shoulder surgery. "He's a good sport."

As Stacey's husband plops the main course onto the grill, she and Martelack reflect on what they love about the community they live in and serve.

"We just went up to Pennypack with the dog, then decided we wanted ice cream and it's right there around the corner. Everything is within walking distance," she says, giving Lexi, her furry, black corgi/border collie mix, a pat on the head. "We really enjoy helping keep Mayfair a stable community."

— Morgan Zalot

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