* April 24, 1970: Terry Bowers, a

sixth-grader at Blessed Virgin Mary school in Darby Borough, goes camping with Boy Scout Troop 275 on the property of St. Basil the Great Church in East Pikeland Township, Chester County.

* April 26, 1970: Bowers' body is found about 7:30 a.m. as the Scouts awoke. Police believe he had been stabbed about an hour earlier. The autopsy reveals no signs of sexual abuse or drugs in his system.

* July 1970: Boy Scouts post

$5,000 reward for information leading to those responsible for the "dastardly crime." The reward produces no useful tips.

* 1971: After one year, 26 state

troopers had spent 6,200 hours on the case.

* April 1972: Police question an

employee of a Philadelphia adult- book store after they find newspaper clippings about the Bowers case in his apartment. He is not charged.

* July 1981: Imprisoned drug

dealer Timothy Finnegan, 32, tells cops he used to live with a Chester County man who admitted killing Bowers. The Delaware County Daily Times reports that police know who the man is and plan to "make an arrest as soon as we can build a case against him." No arrest is made.

* December 1991: The Inquirer

reports that a second man has implicated the same man as Finnegan in Bowers' death. Bowers' mother speculates that Terry was mistakenly murdered by a pedophile who wanted to silence a boy he had molested who looked like Terry and who had backed out of the same camping trip at the last minute.

* October 2012: Internal Boy

Scouts records indicate that Lawrence Wakely, a rapist from nearby Phoenixville, had admitted around 1971 to killing Bowers to avenge being kicked out of the Boy Scouts. Last week, police told the Daily News that Wakely's information wasn't credible.

-William Bender