DO YOU HAVE a story idea or an issue in your neighborhood that needs to be fixed? Here are the folks at the

Daily News to contact:

West/Southwest Philly

Andrew Eiser

Phone: 215-854-2513

Twitter: @andrew_eiser

Northeast Philly

Dan Geringer

Email: geringd@

Phone: 215-854-5961

Twitter: @DanGeringer

North Philly

Valerie Russ


Phone: 215-854-5987

Twitter: @ValerieRussDN

Center City

Dana DiFilippo


Phone: 215-854-5934

Twitter: @DanaDiFilippo

South Philly

David Gambacorta

Email: gambacd@

Phone: 215-854-5994

Twitter: @dgambacorta

Northwest Philly

Morgan Zalot

Email: zalotm@

Phone: 215-854-5928

Twitter: @MorganZalot