I am finding myself in quite a dilemma concerning medical bills that my evidence shows have been paid. The problem seems to stem from the fact that I have two insurance plans. My primary plan normally pays the bulk of the bills, with my wife's plan picking up what is left. All of my statements from the second insurer show that the balance was paid. I have enclosed a copy. The "Explanation of Benefits" also indicates that there is no balance due from me. I have sent the statements from the second insurance company to the primary provider by mail. I have faxed them. I have waited on the phone for more than a half-hour - all to no avail. Please look at these copies and tell me if I'm right or crazy.

WHAT HARRY SAYS: You're not crazy. You unfortunately have not reached a person at the primary carrier who has the intelligence and the authority to straighten this out. If you have the patience, try once more to get a person in authority at Company No. 1. If that fails, send them a letter telling them that you will sue their shirts off if they injure your credit rating. Then contact your congressman for help. Frequently, a call from someone in authority gets action. If all that fails, a lawyer will have to intervene on your behalf.