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Tattle: Lindsay Lohan's probation revoked

LINDSAY LOHAN may be heading back to the slammer. It's unlikely - Fox News says her judge prefers counseling over jail, and it is only Lindsay's 432nd strike - but her probation was revoked Wednesday, and that could mean a sentence of up to eight months.

 LINDSAY LOHAN may be heading back to the slammer.

It's unlikely - Fox News says her judge prefers counseling over jail, and it is only Lindsay's 432nd strike - but her probation was revoked Wednesday, and that could mean a sentence of up to eight months.

The ruling in Los Angeles came as the former teen star - who was not in court - faces misdemeanor counts of reckless driving, lying to a police officer and obstructing an officer from performing duties after an accident in which her Porsche rammed the back of a dump truck in June.

At the time, Lohan told police in Santa Monica that her assistant was driving, but detectives now believe she was behind the wheel.

She was already on probation at the time she allegedly lied to police, after previously being convicted of the misdemeanor theft of a necklace.

Her probation violation hearing is set for Jan. 15.

Lohan also faces a misdemeanor assault charge in New York after a woman claimed she was hit by the actress at a nightclub.

She may also face embarrassment when the lead singer of The Wanted tells her to stop following him and she may face a Razzie nod for her performance in "Liz and Dick."

Winter update

The family of Ariel Winter (who plays middle Dunphy daughter Alex on "Modern Family") agreed Wednesday to undergo counseling to try to resolve issues that led to mom Chrisoula Workman's losing custody and control of Ariel's already prolific career.

The accord came shortly before a trial over who would raise Ariel was scheduled to begin, with both sides appearing likely to air a lot of the family's dirty laundry in court. Workman has been accused of physically and emotionally abusing her 14-year-old daughter, claims that Workman has vehemently denied.

For the next several months, Ariel will continue living with her adult sister, Shanelle Gray. The sisters held hands throughout court proceedings as a judge reviewed the agreement. Their father, Glenn Workman, was granted temporary control of his daughter's finances, and both parents agreed to undergo counseling with Ariel and Shanelle to seek a potential long-term reunification.

"Chrisoula Workman shall have no contact with, nor in any way interfere with Ariel Winter Workman's professional relationships and business contacts," the agreement states.

Ariel, who has been acting since age 7, came to Tattle's attention during a six-episode arc on "E.R.," in which she played the young daughter of a woman awaiting a heart transplant.

Her mother left the courtroom crying and did not speak with reporters. Her husband, with whom she recently separated, held her hand and navigated a crowd of cameras.

Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas praised the family and their attorneys, saying, "I do believe things are going to get better."

Savile, so vile

The alleged victims keep coming forward in the case of the late BBC children's entertainer Jimmy Savile.

Savile, who died last year at 84, is a suspect in a mere 199 crimes (so far), British police said Wednesday. They described the level of sexual- abuse allegations against Savile as "unprecedented in the U.K."

* 199 crimes have been recorded in 17 police force jurisdictions in which Savile is a suspect.

* 31 rape allegations have been recorded against the disgraced children's TV host.

* 450 people have come forward with information relating to Savile, mainly alleging sexual abuse.

* About 140 other people also have reported information relating to Savile's acting with others, or others' acting alone.

Most of those who came forward were women who alleged that they were sexually abused when they were young, police said.


* The union representing

hundreds of Broadway theater cleaners, porters, elevator operators and restroom attendants voted Wednesday to authorize its leaders to call a strike if a new contract isn't approved by the end of the month.

Jessica Vargas, a cleaner at the Lunt-Fontaine Theatre and a member of the union's bargaining committee, said that her fellow workers make about $17 an hour and that she hopes to get a $1.50-per-hour increase. Other cleaners in the city, she noted, make about $25 an hour.

Many of the people who do Broadway's most unglamorous work - hauling equipment, running the elevators, tidying restrooms and sweeping the theaters - also must work for as much as 10 weeks before their health coverage kicks in.

Last season, Broadway shows grossed $1.14 billion.

Charlie Watts speaks.

The normally quiet Rolling Stones drummer said that Lady Gaga's performance with the band Saturday night in Newark, N.J., may be without her usual flamboyance.

"I think Mick [Jagger] said she wanted to do it without any of that [glitz and glam], which would be fun actually," said Watts. "But I don't mind if she dresses up in whatever. He does, so why shouldn't she?"

The show will also feature Bruce Springsteen, the Black Keys and former Stone Mick Taylor and be available as a pay-per-view special.

Asked if the band would do more shows, Watts said, "It's time out of your life, doing tours. But as Keith [Richards] would say if he was sitting here, 'What else are you going to do?' And I don't have an answer."

* A lawsuit

filed by David Hester, one of the former cast members of A&E's "Storage Wars," claims that some of the valuables found hidden in abandoned lockers on the show had been added by producers to deceive viewers.

What?! Reality TV not real?

We're shocked! Shocked, we tell you!

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