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Where ya from?

Elizabeth Toney

Elizabeth Toney Where she's from: This certified nursing assistant brings her friendly demeanor from Germantown, where she has been living for the past six years. Originally from Georgia, Toney has called Philadelphia home for the past 22 years. Favorite activities around Germantown: Whenever she is blessed with spare time in Germantown, Toney can be found enjoying her grandchildren. While with them, she takes them on walks and to nearby parks to play. When hunger strikes, she enjoys going to the Trolley Car Diner, on Germantown Avenue, which is her favorite spot to grab a bite to eat. Favorite activities around Philadelphia: An admitted homebody, she likes to relax at home and enjoys going to church on Sunday. When she does venture out into the city, Toney frequents Warmdaddy's on Columbus Boulevard, where she has the pleasure of listening to jazz music while eating some Southern cooking. Philadelphia now, compared with 22 years ago: In her opinion, the crime in the city has increased since she first set foot in Philadelphia. She believes the people here are the same as anywhere else. "You have good people and some not-so-good people everywhere you go," she says. - Oscar Castillo