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Michael Carroll: Teacher-inventor

A look at some gadgets Carroll's brainchild, kid detective Dewey Mac, invented.

HERE'S A LOOK at some of the gadgets kid detective Dewey Mac (a fictional character created by Abington teacher Michael Carroll) invented:

* Coca-go-BOOM-BOOM-ola: A "vending-machine grenade" you can make by mixing Mentos and soda, which combine for a sweet, sticky explosion.

* LasEar listening device: A laser pointer, old headphones, electrical tape and a few other items help an eavesdropper hear via the vibrations the laser picks up through a window.

* Non Mouse Trap: Trick a mouse into a "safe" trap by putting peanut butter or other bait in a cardboard tube balanced on a countertop over a plastic box. When the mouse runs into the tube to eat the treat, his weight will tip the tube forward and drop him into the box.

* Tooter cushion: A homemade whoopee cushion.

* Dead Skunk Stink Bomb: A do-it-yourself stink bomb.

* Puppy Poopy: Realistic-looking fake dog doo.

* ICU: A homemade pinhole camera.

* Tater tosser: A potato-thrower.

- Dana DiFilippo