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Cops on the trail of 'Swiss Cheese Pervert'

The Special Victims Unit confirmed investigators have identified a suspect in the Mayfair case.

ANY WAY YOU slice it, Mayfair's "Swiss Cheese Pervert" is closer to getting caught.

Lt. Anthony McFadden, of the Police Department's Special Victims Unit, confirmed yesterday that detectives are investigating a man in the case.

McFadden declined to identify the man, saying it's "too early in the investigation" to do so.

The potential suspect was identified after detectives from the SVU reached out to women from the Mayfair area who had previously told police they were approached by the "Swiss Cheese Pervert," McFadden said.

He said that it initially was difficult to contact these women, but that eventually several of them responded to detectives and are now cooperating with the investigation.

In all the reported sightings, the suspect, a heavyset white man estimated to be in his late 40s or early 50s, approached women while driving a silver or black sedan with his genitals exposed. He then displayed a piece of sliced Swiss cheese and offered to pay the women to put the cheese on his penis and perform sexual acts on him using it.

Since the Daily News first wrote about the pervert on Saturday, at least four people have provided a reporter with evidence linking him to posts made on dating sites including and OkCupid that discuss - in great detail - a similar sexual cheese fetish.

Those readers all said pictures of the author of those posts matched the description provided by the Mayfair Town Watch.