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Daughter's love is heartwarming

A heroic story of rising to the occasion.


This story will warm your heart. My mother lives in a nursing home. There is a new woman in the next room. She had two children, a son and daughter. The son was badly handicapped, so a great percentage of the family's money had to be spent for his care.

The daughter was always second in line for everything, including clothing and everyday living. Fortunately, she was able to win a scholarship to college by placing first in her high school class. This young lady had to provide for 100 percent of her living expenses by holding down a job.

Shortly after she graduated, her father died, so she was on her own. About five years ago, her brother died. And last year, a family trust (set up by her mother's family) ran out of money. The daughter has undertaken to support her mother at the nursing home. This will take her entire income. Her husband and children are in agreement with this. What a wonderful person this daughter must be.

Compare this to some of the greedy children who write to you! What a wonderful family! What a model for all of us!

WHAT HARRY SAYS: A great family and a superb child. There are many such heroes who are unseen. The poet Thomas Gray said it well:

Full many a gem of purest ray serene,

The dark unfathom'd caves of ocean bear:

Full many a flow'r is born to blush unseen,

And waste its sweetness on the desert air.