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Twin cops pen script based on twin criminals

Two police officers hope to make a movie and to play their subjects on film.

Troy (left) and Trevor Parham hope to make a movie.
Troy (left) and Trevor Parham hope to make a movie.Read more

AS IF THE Goffney twins' saga couldn't get any more unusual, their next chapter could pair them with another set of twins - police officers - to tell their story on film.

Troy and Trevor Parham, founders of Twin Tone Entertainment, are no strangers to the media spotlight.

In 2012, Trevor, a police officer in the tiny Delaware County borough of Colwyn, was criminally charged with assault and oppression for Tasing a teen while he was handcuffed in the borough's holding cell.

Trevor was acquitted by a judge and has since returned to the Colwyn Police Department. Troy declined to identify which police department he works for.

Trevor said he was inspired to contact the Goffney twins after seeing a fellow officer reading their story on the front page of the Daily News.

"One of the main things that interested me was they were twins," Trevor said. "All twins have a bond, not just with each other but with other twins."

The Parhams spoke with mom Towana and Keyontyli and met with Taleon several times in prison. From their interviews with the family, the Parhams wrote a movie script based on the Goffney brothers' lives.

"The name of the film is 'Undivided' and we called it that because if you see them now,

they're closer than ever," Troy said. "Twins have a bond that can't be broke and that's why we decided to call it that."

The Parham twins plan to play the Goffney twins in their film, whenever they are able to raise the money.

"I can tell you, as a police officer, that everyone who has committed a crime is not a bad person, but as an officer I still have to enforce the law on people," Trevor said. "They weren't raping children, they weren't knocking little old ladies over for their purses.

"They made mistakes; we all do," he said. "This film and our relationship with them is about redemption."

VIDEO: Taleon performs spoken-word piece, "This Time," with his brother (adult language).