A FORMER Father Judge High School football standout and another teen were held for trial yesterday on murder charges in the September shooting death of a 15-year-old Delaware Valley Charter High School student - a passer-by near the scene of a fight.

A bullet pierced Aisha Abdur Rahman's back shortly after 4 p.m. Sept. 22 as she walked on Old York Road near Tabor, in Logan, just outside Albert Einstein Medical Center. She was pronounced dead shortly afterward at the hospital.

A 19-year-old, Donald Boseman, was shot and injured.

After a nearly three-hour preliminary hearing, Municipal Judge James DeLeon held Quadir Gibson, 15, the former Judge player, and Darian Person, 19, for trial on a charge of "murder generally" - which includes first- and third-degree murder - as well as conspiracy, attempted murder and weapon offenses.

Authorities contend that during a fight between two groups that day, with Person and Gibson on one side and Boseman on the other, Person took out a gun and Gibson urged him to shoot.

Gibson gave a statement to police, which was not read aloud in court but parts of which were referenced.

"He yells out, 'Throw that s--- at them!' " DeLeon said, referring to what Gibson said to Person after Person took out his gun, according to Gibson's statement.

The judge said that in lay language, that means to "put a couple of bullets down the range."

Assistant District Attorney Mark Levenberg also said that Gibson, in his statement, said those words meant "shoot them."

Gibson's statement was the only evidence against him during the hearing.

The main witness yesterday was a 15-year-old girl who knows Gibson and who was with him and a few others as they waited in a nearby subway station after the shooting. She said cops approached them as they waited for a train, then took them to the homicide division for questioning.

The Daily News is not publishing the girl's name because she is a juvenile.

She said that Gibson was walking on crutches that day.

In a statement and a photo array she had signed, she had identified Person as the shooter to police. But in court yesterday, she was hostile on the stand with the prosecutor and contended she had not said some of the things in her statement and had not circled Person's photograph.