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Looking for Dad's documents

He’s in hospice care, and he has a large life-insurance policy — somewhere.


Mom and Dad were always secretive about their resources and life insurance. I guess they did not want us to count our inheritance until the time came.

Well, the time has come. Dad is in hospice care and mom is rapidly losing her cognitive ability. We have found four of dad's life-insurance policies, but we know that a big one is sitting somewhere because he always complained when he had to pay the premium. Dad also had two stockbrokers, but we can only find records of one. Mom's stuff all seems to be in order with nothing missing. There has to be some way we can make sure we have everything. Help!

WHAT HARRY SAYS: Let's start with his stockbroker. Look at your parents' tax returns for past years (at least two). There could be income from sources you were not aware of. Review his checks for the same period to determine whether he drew any checks to a stockbroker. Ask the broker you know of whether he's aware of others.

As for the life insurance: Going through his checks would help to find who got those premiums he complained about. His will may have a reference to the policy. I assume you tried all his known insurance brokers. Try the Department of Insurance, in Harrisburg, as a last resort.