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Live from...last-minute Christmas shopping

A shopper braves the last-minute rush.
A shopper braves the last-minute rush.Read moreDAVID SWANSON/Inquirer

Inquirer staff writer Lea Sitton Stanley - who as of Friday had not one Christmas present purchased - hits the malls to liveblog the last-minute Christmas shopping mania.

A sampling:

"Early in the day, even Christmas Eve day, mall music is the soundtrack. Not enough shoppers here for the quiet roar of conversations, squealing children and cell phone chatter to duel it down. "Obygollyhaveahollyjolly" races through the air in kitchen wares, lower level Macy's. Then, right at the entrance to the mall, as you are leaving the store, a collision. Running over the frenetic "hollyjolly" is a rich baritone, rolling out slowly. "Oh ... by ...gosh ... by ... golly ... it's ... time ... for ... mistletoe ... and holly....