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Lurie: Eagles would pursue Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming to New Jersey, bringing the biggest game in American sports to within driving distance of Philadelphia and its suburbs.

That may be as close as it gets, though. The Eagles supported the decision, but a league source said the first cold weather Super Bowl on an outdoor field is likely a one-shot deal, at least for the near future. The game is usually held in warm climates or domes, but the NFL waived its minimum temperature requirement for the 2014 game.

"The Eagles are enthusiastic supporters of the New York, New Jersey Super Bowl. New York will be a great city to host this championship event," team owner Jeffrey Lurie said in comments e-mailed by the team. "This is an excellent way to rally around the new Meadowlands Stadium and support the incredible effort that is required to achieve such an accomplishment.  Some of the most dramatic and memorable games in NFL playoff and championship history were played in cold weather conditions."

He said the Eagles would like to host to the Super Bowl, but did not sound optimistic about their chances.

"Hosting the Super Bowl here in Philadelphia would be a great experience for our fans across the city and region. We certainly have an outstanding combination of assets including an expansive infrastructure built to host large events and conventions," Lurie said. "With that said, we realize that warm weather options may always have the advantage when it comes to hosting the Super Bowl.  However, if the league supports more northern games, we would pursue."