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Wanted: 'Someone to attend Harvard pretending to be me for four years'

Bogus prank or serious proposition?

A Pennsylvania student is desperately seeking a doppelganger to obtain his Ivy League degree, according to a Pittsburgh Craigslist forum.

The purported pupil posted his plea in the "writing gigs" section. "I am looking for someone to attend Harvard University pretending to be me for four years, starting August 2014," it reads.

The solicitor allegedly is offering a handsome annual salary of $40,000 for any takers. And that's on top of covering the nearly $60,000 a year cost of tuition, books, housing, transportation and living expenses.

Plus, there's a $10,000 bonus after graduation. "All you have to do is attend all classes, pass all tests, and finish all assigned work, while pretending you are me," the post states.

Other requirements: Applicants must have at least a 4.0 high school or 3.5 university GPA. And, the writer notes, "Your age does not matter, but you must be a male since I have a male name."

The ad goes on to assure, "You do not need to worry about being accepted, I have already taken care of that."

The poster encourages interested imitators to send on more information so a meeting can be arranged. But, he claims, all applicants will be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement, "so you can not reveal who I am or any further information, whether you're selected or not."

No mention of whether the body double might be required to attend alumni reunions.

A spokesperson for Harvard was not immediately available for comment on the post, or on whether the university has had past problems with counterfeit coeds.

Whether true or not, the ad does make us wonder if anyone has ever tried something like this for real.