One mayor’s son wins, another loses in Council at-large races

William Green 4th, son of the former mayor, won an at-large seat. Sharif Street, son of Mayor Street, appears to have fallen short. Other Democratic at-large winners include incumbents Jim Kenney; Bill Greenlee, Wilson Goode Jr. and Blondell Reynolds Brown. Incumbent Juan Ramos lost his bid for reelection. There were five at-large seats to be filled.

Donna Reed Miller holds on to seat in Council’s Eighth District

The Democratic incumbent got only 32 percent of the vote, but it was divide and conquer, as her two strongest opponents – Irv Ackelsberg and Cindy Bass – each got 25 percent of the vote. A fourth candidate, Greg Paulmier, got 17%. The Inquirer projects Reed Miller as the winner of the Democratic nomination in the 8th.

John Green wins reelection

Incumbent Sheriff John Green easily won the Democratic nomination tonight over opponent Michael Untermeyer. With 75% of the vote reported, Green held a 2-1 lead over his opponent. Green’s winning the Democratic nomination is tantamount to reelection in the fall.

DiCicco defeats Anastasio in the First District

Incumbent Councilman Frank DiCicco easily defeated challenger Vernon Anastasio in the contest for the Democratic nomination for Philadelphia’s First District Council seat. With close to 80 percent of the vote reported, the Democratic councilman held a better than 2-1 lead over his challenger.

Anna C. Verna Reelected in Council’s Second District

Verna, the  City Council president, easily turned back a challenge from Damon K. Roberts in the fight for the Democratic nomination in South Philadelphia’s Second District. With nearly 80% of the vote counted, Verna was leading by 4-1. The Inquirer projects her as the winner.

Carol Campbell losing to Curtis Jones in the Fourth Council District

Incumbent Carol Campbell was locked in a close race with challenger Curtis Jones Jr. in the Fourth District. With 87% of the vote counted, Jones had a 500-vote margin over the councilwoman. Matt McClure, the third Democrat in the race, was trailing by a small margin. The Inquirer projects this race as too close to call at this time.

Challenger heading for victory in Seventh Council District

Incumbent Daniel Savage has lost to Democratic challenger Maria Quinones Sanchez in the Seventh Council District, the seat formerly held by Councilman Rick Mariano. Savage was picked by ward leaders to fill Mariano’s term after he went to federal prison on bribery charges. With 95% of the vote counted, Sanchez held a comfortable lead over Savage. The Inquirer projects Quinones Sanchez as the winner.

Tasco the winner in Council’s Ninth District

Incumbent Marion Tasco easily defeated two rivals for the Democratic nomination, polling close to 70 percent of the vote. Her closest rival, Cecil Hankins, got 13 percent of the vote. The Inquirer projects Tasco as the winner.