Pujols out

The Phillies' charmed season continued with the news yesterday that St. Louis Cardinals star Albert Pujols was expected to miss at least three weeks with a strained left calf. The Phils head to St. Louis for a weekend set and may miss the six-time all-star entirely, with the season series ending when the Cards visit July 8-10. Pujols injured himself jumping out of the box Tuesday after hitting a ground ball in the Cards' 7-2 win over Cincinnati. The team initially thought it was a tear. But any time without Pujols is a blow. He is batting .347 with 16 home runs and 42 RBIs. Of late, Pujols has been a hard out for the Phils (join the club): from 2005 to '07, the first baseman hit .328 with 10 homers and 24 RBIs.

Cubs' bids are in

If you have somewhere in the excess of $1 billion, you, too, could own a baseball team, its fabled stadium, and a stake in a sports channel. Of course, you may have to get in line. Nine potential buyers who have been pre-approved by baseball have received the financial books on the Chicago Cubs, the Associated Press reported yesterday. Bids are expected next month. Two separate books were sent out: one containing information on the Cubs, Wrigley Field and Comcast SportsNet Chicago, and another just on Wrigley. Among the interested parties looking to buy from the Tribune Co. is Dallas Mavericks owner/heckler Mark Cuban. No dollar estimates were given for any assets, although the total package could exceed - cue Dr. Evil -

one billion dollars!

A billion just doesn't go as far as it used to.

Glavine heads to DL

Two down, one to go. The pitching triumvirate that headlined the Atlanta rotation for more than a decade lost another to the disabled list when Braves lefthander Tom Glavine strained his left elbow Tuesday night. Last week, Braves righthander John Smoltz was lost for the season - and perhaps his career - with a shoulder injury that required surgery. The final third of the Big Three, Greg Maddux, is now in San Diego and still healthy. In fact, the righthander has made only one trip to the DL in his 23-year career.