Philly's TV folks don't need agents as much as they need orthopedists.

Fox29's Sue Serio was hobbled recently after knee surgery, and Dorothy Krysiuk returned yesterday after convalescing from a back injury.

But the weakest joint is the shoulder:

NBC10 weathercaster Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz briefly eschewed his signature bow tie last month after rotator-cuff surgery that fixed years of sports damage.

CBS3 anchor Marc Howard's dislocated shoulder was repaired Friday. Howard is due back today - crediting surgeon Gerald Williams at Jefferson for a zippy recovery - and he says he'll anchor slingless. He fell in December during a run on Society Hill's evil cobblestones.

Latest: 6ABC weatherdude David Murphy dislocated a shoulder while shagging a fly ball during Tuesday's Home Runs for Hearts benefit before the Phillies game. This was the fifth or sixth time "out" for Murphy, who first dislocated his wing in a softball game nearly 20 years ago. Docs at Delaware County Memorial popped him back. He says he won't wear a sling on camera.

The book beat

Bill Boggs

asked 44 successful people how they made it big. Then the Mayfair native/Penn grad sat down and laid out their secrets in

Got What It Takes?

(Collins, $21.95). The common quality is self-confidence, he says. That, and passion. And knowing the value of failure, "where you learn coping skills." And luck. Boggs was lucky himself, as pals

Mario Cuomo


Diane von Furstenberg


Brooke Shields


Norman Lear

led him to interview other big names. He'll read at 7 p.m. today at Penn's bookstore (3601 Walnut St.).

Russell Simmons shares his 12 laws to happiness and success in Do You (Gotham, $23). He says the title is his secret: "Stay true to who you are and what you like instead of following trends." The spiritual hip-hop entrepreneur will do two appearances Saturday: 2 p.m. at Penn's bookstore and 5 p.m. at the Enterprise Center (4548 Market St.)

Briefly noted


Dirk Johnson

was the lone Eagle at former Birds QB

Jeff Garcia's

wedding to Playboy Playmate

Carmella DeCesare

last weekend in California. Also repping Philly were

Pete Ciarrocchi

of Chickie's & Pete's, and Govberg Jewelers manager

Andy Green

and fiancee

Melanie Chud

- who delivered the bride's jewelry. Six days before the wedding, DeCesare had sent her 6-carat ring cross-country to Govberg to be reset to fit the wedding band.

Philanthropist Kal Rudman awarded two $5,000 scholarships on Sunday to Chestnut Hill College students Alex Kowalski and Sahar Pourshaliriai, in honor of Chestnut Hill grad Emily Williams, now attending med school at Baylor. Her father, Rick K. Williams, is an executive producer for Action News.

Upper Darby comic/actor Jamie Kennedy came home last week to see his family, and now the family has gone to L.A. to see him. Yesterday was the red-carpet premiere of Kickin' It Old Skool, in which Kennedy plays a break-dancer who in 1986 hits his head, lapses into a coma, and awakens 20 years later. In '86, Kennedy says, he was in Monsignor Bonner, "10th grade . . . parachute pants." Break-dancing at age 36, he says, resulted in bruised ribs.

Illusionist David Blaine yesterday filmed a TV commercial at the Wachovia Center for the NBA Finals. During a break, he stepped to the foul line and hit three of four. Sign him up for the Magic.