Lots of love to the Phillie Phanatic, who's belly-shaken his way through 34 years of Phillies games as of Wednesday. Few in this city can generate the adulation and love that this OG Green Man can. And there's no sign that Philly's favorite son is slowing down. Check his recent cameo on "30 Rock," where star and Upper Darby gal Tina Fey literally jumped for joy when she saw the Furry One in the flesh, for further proof of the Phanatic's star power.

WIP "Professor" Glen Macnow talks his way to 57 Monday. Sixers center Spencer Hawes shoots his way to 24 Saturday. Former WIP-er and Sirius Radio host Howard Eskin rabble-rouses his way to 61 Sunday. n

— Molly Eichel