SNAPS AND CLAPS to E!'s Giuliana Rancic and hubs, former "Apprentice" champ Bill Rancic. They announced on the "Today" show Monday that they are expecting a baby via gestational surrogate. "To finally get that call from the doctor that you're pregnant and you're having a baby … ," Giuliana said. "It was just another world." They know the sex of the baby but they're keeping it a secret.

We're more excited for this baby bump than for other celebs', who seem to use children as a way to up their Q Score. On their Style Network reality series "Giuliana & Bill," the couple were open about their desire for a baby and how difficult it was for them to conceive. They talked about it openly and, with a dollop of reality-TV drama, shared the stress it put on their relationship. In 2010, Giuliana announced she had had a miscarriage. Last year, she a had breast cancer and a double mastectomy, once again taking her struggle public rather than hiding behind a flawless celebrity facade in which problems are trotted out only when redemption is sought (see: the teary Oprah sit-down) or books need selling. These episodes didn't feel staged by some Kris Kardashian-esque reality overlord. They were slices of real life from a couple going through the same difficulties that so many suffer. It was one time when it felt right to say, "Stars! They're just like us!"

So we send all the congratulatory vibes we can to Bill and Giuliana. Enjoy that kid.

In other baby-bumping news, an Atlanta exotic dancer is claiming that the father of her newborn baby is none other than rapper Drake, reports The site admits that it doesn't have the most reliable source when it comes to paternity but also says it's heard that a mysterious benefactor has been sending the lady in question $10,000 a month.

Hudson takes stand

Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson on Monday testified against William Balfour, accused of killing Hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew in October 2008. Hudson burst into to tears when the prosecutor asked about the last time she saw them. Hudson replied that she had visited scant days before the tragedy. Balfour was married to Hudson's sister, Julia, but the pair were estranged when Balfour allegedly attacked the family because he thought Julia was dating someone else.

Love bites

Pop star Katy Perry was seen canoodling with new main squeeze Robert Ackroyd, a guitarist with Florence + the Machine, while watching buddy Rihanna perform at the Coachella Music Fest this weekend. This is Perry's first public snuggle sesh since her separation from hubby comedian Russell Brand.

Kim Kardashian was "caught" by the paparazzi on Sunday sporting KW-shaped earrings. Could they be in honor of rumored paramour Kanye West? Like, duh. Kardashian was photographed wearing a high ponytail, turning her head perfectly so the paps could capture her ear accessories. The controversial couple reportedly hung out on Saturday in NYC, once again fueling whispers about their supposed love affair. Call us skeptical, but this has media-made romance written all over it.

Lindsay Lohan was officially cast as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime original movie "Liz & Dick," about Dame E's love affair with Richard Burton. So who plays Burton? Lohan, 25, is younger than the 31-year-old Taylor was when she married 38-year-old Burton for the first time in 1964, so clearly Lifetime isn't looking for accuracy. Still, we would cast a man with Burton's strong Welsh features, like Daniel Craig,Russell Crowe or Clive Owen. Considering this is a Lifetime movie starring Lohan, we're thinking Burton will be less A-list and more whoever-needs-the-cash-that-month-list.

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