'Prison Break' star arrested

Lane Garrison spent Sunday night in jail after his arrest on felony domestic violence charges, accused of assaulting his ex-gf Ashley Mattingly at her Beverly Hills apartment building. Harland Braun, Garrison's lawyer, told TMZ Sunday the Prison Break star was visiting a friend in the same building and ran into Ashley by chance. Braun said Garrison admits there was an argument but denies hitting his ex-gf. But security camera footage posted Monday by TMZ shows Garrison grabbing Ashley's arm with one hand and slapping her face with the other. Braun has yet to respond to TMZ's new report.

Dick Clark had surgery

Dick Clark's death certificate, posted by TMZ, shows he had undergone surgery to correct an enlarged prostate the day before his death April 18 from a massive heart attack. There are no indications the surgery caused Clark's heart attack.

Celebrating Dick Clark on radio

CBS Radio's Remember When Show (locally on WPHT, 1210-AM) at 11 p.m. Saturday will feature a Dick Clark tribute show with AmericanBandstand-era guests, including show producer Al Rosenthal, former announcer Jerry Ross, plus Jerry Blavat, the Dovells, and Danny & the Juniors.

Nugent admits illegal bear kill

In a plea deal with the feds, Ted Nugent has admitted he illegally killed a black bear in Alaska two years ago. He apparently wounded one bear, then killed a second, breaking a "one bag" rule. He must pay a $10,000 fine and create a 30- to 60-second public service announcement about responsible hunting on his outdoors cable TV show, Spirit of the Wild. His lawyer says the law is preposterous.

Wedding mania

The sheer public envy might bring on the Apocalypse! Two weeks after Brangelina announced plans to wed, the tabs say Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are planning a dueling wedding this summer in Jen's dad's homeland, the paradisal island of Crete, as a response to the (reported) decision by Jen's ex, Brad Pitt, to marry Jen nemesis Angelina Jolie this summer in France. What's more, People says reunited honeys Justin Timberlake, 31, and Jessica Biel, 30, want a really big wedding, also this summer. No other human will be able to marry after this.

Back in reality: None of this has been confirmed by fact. Fact, Jen's rep says the Crete report is a "total fabrication."

Lindsay Lohan confirms old news

The world has known for weeks, but Lindsay Lohan Monday felt like confirming that she'll assay the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a (second-rate) Lifetime biopic. "I have always admired and had enormous respect for … Taylor," LiLo says. "I am very honored to have been asked to play this role." Cool.

There'll be a rush for Rush tix

Canadian art-rock heroes Rush will play the Wells Fargo Center on Oct. 12. Tix go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. Info: 1-800-298-4200 or www. at ComcastTIX.com.

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