Terrell Owens faces off with three of his four baby-mamas on Tuesday's episode of "Dr. Phil" (4 p.m., CBS3).

Women named Kimber, Monique and Melanie claim the former Eagles wide receiver is delinquent on child-support payments and has little to no relationship with their kids that he fathered.

Owens tells Dr. Phil he squandered most of the $80 million he had been paid in the NFL and blamed his travel schedule and living in different cities from the kids as to why he can't see them.

When asked by Dr. Phil McGraw during the taping if he wants relationships with his children, Owens replied, "I would love a relationship with my kids, but…with all the circumstances it's been difficult," according to a CBS announcement of the show.

TV reporter found dead

The body of Wayne Shannon, a KYW-TV personality in the early 1980s, was found in a pasture in Idaho April 28.

Idaho County officials believe that Shannon, born Gerald Wayne Schetzle, committed suicide last fall and that his body had been in the field, covered in snow for several months, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Shannon, 63, worked in San Francisco for six years after leaving Philadelphia. Despite a revolver being found under his body, his autopsy did not discover any gunshot wounds. Authorities are investigating whether he swallowed something from a thermos found alongside him, the Chronicle reported.

Journalist Robert Strauss, who worked with Shannon at KYW, remembered him as "A fun guy" with a "goofy sense of humor, which eventually led him to commentaries, apparently. Burly and not your normal TV face and body. It was a time when 'characters' still were on TV news," Strauss said.

"The Channel 3 staff and alumni were saddened to hear of Wayne's death," said Joanne Calabria, vice president of public affairs. "Many of us have warm memories of his unique and humorous take on life which makes this news all the more tragic."

Van Arsdall expecting

Congratulations to CBS 3 weekend sports anchor Lesley Van Arsdall and her husband, Mike Joson, who are expecting their second child in October. Their son, Grayson, was born in September 2010.

Preston packs a punch

Don't f--- with 93.3 WMMR morning host Preston Elliot. He became a black belt in the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga over the weekend. Elliot lost 60 pounds in his first year studying the Israeli martial art and has been training for six years at Kirk's Premier Martial Arts in Glen Mills. Elliot says that he has been lucky to not have had to use his skills in a fight but that 'I would hope my training would kick in if it needs to.'

His own battle scars are limited to the martial-arts studio, where he recently broke a toe and where his nose has been bloodied a few times while sparring.


Sigourney Weaver took a break from shooting "Political Animals" to relax at the Rescue Rittenhouse Spa. The USA miniseries shoots here through June and is slated to premiere in July.

Eagles coach Andy Reid, wife Tammy and two of their children stopped at the original Chickie's and Pete's (4101 Robbins) in the Northeast for lunch Saturday.

Charitably minded

Employees at Del Frisco's (15th & Chestnut) collected $1,000 for Johnny Webb, a former bathroom attendant at the steakhouse who was seriously injured in a shooting last month. The restaurant matched the contributions and presented Webb, who had worked there since it opened in 2008, a check for $2,000 on Sunday afternoon. n

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