IF YOU believe in the notion of resting in peace, Michael Jackson is going to be tossing and turning.

In an exclusive chat with TMZ.com, choreographer Wade Robson's lawyer, Henry Gradstein, has reopened MJ's pedo-files.

Wade spent many weekends with Michael between ages 7 and 14, and Gradstein told TMZ that Michael was a sexual abuser whose brainwashing finally took its toll on Wade last year and sent him into a tailspin.

Gradstein said that Michael would tell the impressionable Wade, "If anyone ever finds out about what we did we will go to jail for the rest of our lives" and "our lives will be ruined forever."

The threats worked.

They worked so well that during Michael's 2005 molestation trial, Wade testified as the performer's star witness, insisting that the King of Pop did not molest him.

Gradstein said, "Michael Jackson was a monster, and in their hearts every normal person knows it."

TMZ broke the story that Robson, 30, has filed a creditor's claim against Michael's estate asking for damages for the abuse.

Rocker longed for hit

Tim Lambesis, the lead singer of the metal band As I Lay Dying, was in jail Wednesday, in Southern California, on suspicion of trying to hire an undercover detective to kill his estranged wife.

Gee, that's a dumb hire.

Lambesis was stopped by police while shopping in Oceanside - for what, a hit man? - five days after detectives received information that he had solicited someone to kill the missus, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said in a statement.

A task force from several law-enforcement agencies launched an investigation that led to his arrest late Tuesday.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Lambesis had recently raised more than $78,000 from fans to fund his side project, Austrian Death Machine, a metal band mocking the film work of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The top prize, for those who spent $5,000, was to have the winner's initials tattooed on Lambesis' ass.

Seems like a pretty big ass.

Did he also crowd-source the attempted murder?


* An Iowa economic-development board has awarded a $400,000 grant to help build a museum that will honor John Wayne near his birthplace in Winterset.

The Vision Iowa Board approved the grant Wednesday for the John Wayne Birthplace Museum, a $1.4 million project that will feature an interactive museum and learning center honoring Wayne's life and work.

The award is contingent on project supporters completing private fundraising.

* Singer Miguel Bose has been named the 2013 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year.

The Latin Recording Academy announced the Spanish singer's selection Wednesday. He will be honored with a tribute gala and concert in November before the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas.

Bose has recorded more than 30 albums and also appeared in more than 35 films. His many chart-topping singles include "Anna" and "Salamandra."

Fernand Leger's "Three Women at the Red Table," a French painting owned by Madonna, has sold at Sotheby's in NYC for more than $7 million.

Proceeds of the sale will benefit the Ray of Light Foundation, which supports girls' education in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries.

Madonna says that she wanted to "trade something valuable for something invaluable" in countries where female education is rare or nonexistent. She bought the work at Sotheby's in 1990 for $3.4 million.

* Disney has dropped an effort to trademark "Dia de los Muertos," the name of the traditional "Day of the Dead" holiday celebrated by millions in Mexico and the U.S.

The company announced Tuesday that it was withdrawing a trademark request it made on May 1 to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

"What were they thinking?" Genevieve Barrios Southgate, director of community programs at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, told the Orange County Register.

"Disney obviously responded to public pressure," she said. "I guess that's what happens when you don't have culturally sensitive people as your advisers."

Disney hoped to secure name rights for merchandise such as snack foods and Christmas ornaments as it partners with Pixar to create an animated movie inspired by the holiday.

"Disney's trademark filing was intended to protect any potential title for our film and related activities," a company statement said. "It has since been determined that the title of the film will change and therefore we are withdrawing our trademark filing."

* The next Miss America won't hear the "There she is, Miss America" song when she's crowned in Atlantic City, in September.

The "Miss America" song will not be part of the pageant.

Miss American Organization Vice President Sharon Pearce told the Press of Atlantic City that the tune, which was first played in 1955, is no longer included. She says that no decision has been made on a final song.

How about a song with Four Seasons' Jersey roots, "Big Girls Don't Cry"?

- Daily News wire services contributed to this report.