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Justin Bieber driving neighbors crazy

Also in Tattle: "Arrested Development" piracy, new Bridget Jones, Rob Lowe as JFK and more.

Justin Bieber poses backstage at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
Justin Bieber poses backstage at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)Read more

A FERRARI is way too much car for Justin Bieber.

Especially now that he's gone off the Bieb end.

According to, many neighbors in Justin's exclusive, gated Calabasas community say that the auto-tuned singer is out of tune when in his auto and that he and his friends have turned the ritzy neighborhood upside down.

Justin has also been a menace in his Ferrari and on his motorcycle. Residents say that he frequently drives like a maniac and that while speeding out of his driveway Sunday, he almost hit a neighbor.

On Monday night, former football star-turned-analyst Keyshawn Johnson chased after a speeding Bieber, used his Prius to block Bieber's Ferrari in his driveway and tried to confront the pint-size singer about his dangerous driving.

Bieber, however, ran inside his house and refused to come out. Good move. Keyshawn's got about 9 inches and 100 pounds on him.

Neighbors also have called police - twice over the past week - to get the Biebs to turn down the racket at his all-night house parties.

And when Justin isn't terrorizing neighbors in his sports car or with his subwoofer, he zips around the neighborhood on his Segway.

On Sunday, he reportedly was riding with a buddy while smoking a joint.

While children were playing.

The homeowner's board has reportedly had enough and plans to take action.

The Amanda Show

According to, Courtney Love tweeted to Amanda Bynes on Monday night that the headline-making former actress should "Pull it together babe."

Bynes tweet-sponded, "Courtney Love is the ugliest woman I've ever seen. To be mentioned by her at all makes me and all my friends laugh!"

And giggle. And seek out M&M's and Doritos.

Will 'Development' pirates be 'Arrested'?

The return of "Arrested Development" on Netflix excited fans a lot more than it excited investors.

Netflix's stock fell more than 6 percent in afternoon trading yesterday as investors reacted to critics' mixed reviews of the show's first new episodes in seven years.

Analysts insist that it's still too early to tell whether "Arrested Development" will be a hit or a flop.

Netflix had 29.2 million subscribers in March. The company is hoping that positive buzz about "Arrested Development" will help add as many as 880,000 more customers by the end of June.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter says that there were more than 100,000 free downloads of the show, according to the editor of TorrentFreak.

This has disturbed Netflix, which has taken the un-newspaper position of not wanting to give away its content for free.


Helen Fielding's next Bridget Jones book, due out in October, will be titled "Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy."

(Guess we have to come up with a new title for our Jerry Sandusky book.)

It continues the comic saga of diary-writing Bridget's romantic and professional adventures.

The character, introduced to readers in two 1990s novels, now must cope with an age of text messaging and social media.

Fielding said that Bridget is older now and her "life has moved on. But, the question is, just how much?"

Our guess: Not too much.

Maria Alekhina, a jailed member of the Russian punk group Pussy Riot, was hospitalized yesterday on the seventh day of a hunger strike she declared to protest what she calls a persecution campaign against her.

Alekhina was transferred to a hospital in her prison colony in the Ural Mountains town of Berezniki, Pyotr Verzilov, who visited the colony yesterday, told the Associated Press. He is the husband of one of her bandmates.

Alekhina went on a hunger strike last Wednesday after she was barred from attending her own parole hearing at the court across the street from her prison.

Rob Lowe will portray President John F. Kennedy in a National Geographic film about the former president's 1963 assassination.

The National Geographic Channel said yesterday that filming for "Killing Kennedy" would begin next month in Richmond, Va. The film is expected to air around the 50th anniversary of the shooting later this year and is based on the book by Bill O'Reilly.

National Geographic already had a hit earlier this year with an adaptation of another of the Fox News Channel anchor's books, "Killing Lincoln."

In addition to Lowe, the movie will feature Ginnifer Goodwin as the first lady and Michelle Trachtenberg as Marina Oswald.

Kasey Kahl, a former contestant on TV's "The Bachelorette," has been sentenced in connection with a fight outside a California bar.

The Fresno Bee reports that Kahl was sentenced yesterday in a Fresno County courtroom.

He got three years of probation and community service.

No rose.

But he was allowed one Kahl.

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