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Mark Webber weds pregnant Palmer in Mexico

Also in Tattle: "Game of Thrones" has pirate trouble and Miley Cyrus just is trouble.

ACTOR Mark Webber, the son of local anti-poverty activist Cheri Honkala, married his pregnant girlfriend, actress Teresa Palmer, Saturday in Mexico.

An unnamed source of Us Weekly magazine said, "They wanted to get married before the baby arrives."

Webber ("The End of Love") and Palmer ("Warm Bodies") wed at a home in Punta Mita overlooking the Pacific.

She's 27 and, like all actresses, from Australia. He's 33.

Tattle can't confirm the bride was actually "blushing" as Us reported, but she reportedly wore a white-lace dress with embellishments at the shoulders.

Hopefully not epaulets.

She did not try to hide her baby bump.

The couple said their vows underneath a floral altar and "they were holding hands the entire time," said the insider.

This is the first marriage for both and the first child for Palmer. Webber is the father of 5-year-old Isaac Love. Palmer had a relationship with comedian Russell Brand when the pair made "Bedtime Stories" in 2008, before Brand married, and subsequently divorced, Katy Perry.

Us reported that Palmer's baby shower was held at Red O restaurant in West Hollywood the week before the wedding.

"Teresa looked so happy and thrilled to be having a baby," an actual eyewitness told Us. "She was smiling the entire afternoon and excited to have her friends around her."

Not to diminish the importance of the above quote, but isn't that every pregnant woman at every baby shower?

Pirates plunder HBO

HBO doesn't only win Emmys.

The cable network is again at the top of the list for producing the 2013 TV show which got pirated the most.

According to, "Game of Thrones" was the most-pirated television show of the year for the second time in a row.

TorrentFreak reported that the Season 3 finale of "Game" was downloaded 5.9 million times - half a million more people than watched the show on cable.

The "Breaking Bad" series finale was second with an estimated 4.2 million downloads, followed by an episode of "Walking Dead" that was downloaded 3.6 million times.

"Game" also beat its own piracy record last June when 171,572 simultaneously fileshared the season finale - 8,000 more shares than the year before.

The rest of the Top 10: "The Big Bang Theory" (3.4 million), "Dexter" (3.1 million), "How I Met Your Mother" (3 million), "Suits" (2.6 million), "Homeland" (2.4 million), "Vikings" (2.3 million) and "Arrow" (2.2 million).


* You know who has a new music video? Miley Cyrus.

If only they could put a brown paper wrapper around it.

It's for the song "Adore You" and in the video Miley wears next to nothing in the way of clothing and simulates masturbation as she rolls around on bedsheets.

Whoa, she's so provocative.

Tattle wouldn't care if Miley made a porn film - in fact, we might suggest it (she could even call it "Bangerz") - but there's something skeevy about a singer who appeals to 12-year-old girls publicly flaunting her new sexuality. (We get it, you're a woman now. But take a step back and get your hand away from your genitals.)

And the weird part is, that unlike some of her peers, she's probably talented enough to become rich and famous without leading with her crotch.

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