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Bill Cosby cursed by supermodel Beverly Johnson

Also in Tattle: What's new with Don "The Dragon" Wilson and "America's Next Top Model"?

"YOU ARE a motherf---er, aren't you?"

If the day comes when women stop coming forward accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault, that may be the takeaway line.

It was said to the Cos by Beverly Johnson, Vogue's first African-American cover girl, when she claims he drugged her and tried to sexually assault her in his NYC brownstone in the mid-1980s.

Johnson, 62, wrote about the alleged incident on yesterday.

Johnson says she ended up at Chez Cosby when he invited her to rehearse with him for a part on "The Cosby Show."

While running lines, Cosby offered Johnson a cup of espresso. She didn't want the drink but Cosby insisted and she eventually relented.

"My head became woozy," she wrote, "my speech became slurred, and the room began to spin nonstop."

As Cosby put his arms around Johnson, that's when she said, "You are a motherf---er, aren't you?"

She claims Cosby got so mad he dragged her downstairs and put her in a taxi.

She was likely one victim who got away.

When Johnson called Cosby to confront him, she says she chickened out when Cosby's wife, Camille, answered the phone. She claims she never came forward after that because, "Black men have enough enemies out there already, they certainly don't need someone like me, an African-American with a familiar face and a famous name, fanning the flames."

But the truth rarely stays buried forever.

"Over the years I've met other women who also claim to have been violated by Cosby," Johnson wrote. "Many are still afraid to speak up. I couldn't sit back and watch the other women be vilified and shamed for something I knew was true."

Many? There are still many who haven't spoke up?

'Scorpion' still stings

It's hard to kill a scorpion.

And it's impossible to kill a sequel to "The Scorpion King."

"The Scorpion King 4: Quest For Power" is the latest in the surprisingly durable series that's looking to attract interest in its new installment with a roster of icons from the action-movie, mixed martial arts and professional wrestling worlds.

Victor Webster ("The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption") returns as the heroic warrior Mathayus. He's joined by Lou Ferrigno ("The Incredible Hulk"), Ellen Hollman ("Spartacus"), Michael Biehn ("The Terminator"), Rutger Hauer ("Blade Runner"), "The Ultimate Fighter" winner Roy "Big Country" Nelson, Cage Rage World Champion Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, three-time WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres, UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie and 11-time World Kickboxing Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson.

Though Wilson has been relatively inactive in films for the past decade, he says he is now more excited about projects than at any time in his 25-year film career.

"I wanted to be a part of 'Scorpion King 4' because of Michael Elliott directing it," Wilson told Comics Guy Jerome Maida. "He was part of my early films with Roger Corman, so it was great to work with him again."

The DVD release of the film is Jan. 13 and although Wilson is always looking to make a film that will get a wide theatrical release, he said, "That doesn't define me. Except for the $150 to $200 million films, the theatrical release on most films is basically just advertising for DVD releases anyway. The most important thing is I'm doing films I'm excited about."

These include the upcoming "White Tiger," starring Wilson and fellow legend Cynthia Rothrock that has been caught up in red tape for the past couple years, an "Expendables"-like action film starring direct-to-video superstars such as Rothrock, Richard Norton and Jeff Speakman and next year's "The Martial Arts Kid" - which may get a theatrical release.

"The Martial Arts Kid" tells a great story, addresses bullying and has some great martial artists in it", Wilson said. "You look at someone like Christine Bannon-Rodrigues - a nine-time world champion - who I worked with on the film 'Sci-Fighter' - and she's only one of more than a dozen grandmasters and world champions in the film. It's great to be a part of."

Wilson also says he would be interested in a role in one of Marvel's upcoming street-level TV shows and says 'Iron Fist,' in particular, sounds intriguing.


People magazine reports that Angelea Preston is suing "America's Next Top Model" and its host Tyra Banks, for disqualifying her.

Angelea was tossed because she once worked as an escort.

Angelea claims she originally won the reality show and was entitled to a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl and a spread in Vogue Italia.

Her suit says her old job didn't break any of "ANTM's" rules and she's seeking $3 million in damages in the suit.

She's also free to compete in Tattle's new show, "America's Next Top Escort."

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