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She wants to make another woman's husband her handy man

Steve and Mia also consider the case of the commitmentphobe.

Q: A friend of mine called the other day to tell me that her computer is broken and asked me if my husband could fix it. He went over there and spent hours trying to get it going again. I guess whatever he did must have worked, because I didn't hear any more about it until last night.

This same friend called again and asked if my husband could come over and help her with something else. I was about to tell him about her call, but then I thought better of it.

Am I wrong to be suspicious?

Mia: Whose husband is he? Hers or yours? My advice is for you to back Miss Thing up. If she calls again, tell her to call the Geek Squad or some other computer repairman, because your guy isn't for rent.

Steve: She wants him to be her handyman. Look up the lyrics to the great 1960 R&B hit, "Handy Man," by Jimmy Jones and Otis Blackwell, to see what I mean.

Q: I've been with the same guy for three years, ever since we got out of school. We live together and we have a son, but I can't get a commitment out of him. I've tried nagging. I've tried being super sweet. Still nothing.

Every year on our anniversary, I think I'm finally going to get my ring. When I don't, I'm always so disappointed.

I'm tired of waiting.

Mia: Close the cookie jar. And while you're at it, move back home. If the dude wants you, he'll come looking for you. But don't you dare move back unless it's on your terms.

Steve: Sounds like he's just not that into you. Or, he's into you but wants a free ride, if you get my drift.