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Flirting or just good customer service?

Our romance columnists also try to decipher “good sex.”

Q: There is a young woman who works at the branch where I bank. I think she flirts with me but I'm not sure. She seems to go out of her way to greet me, and she always holds small conversations with me.

I walked in one day when the bank was fairly empty. She was talking to a couple of female coworkers when all three glanced my way, smiled and then giggled like schoolgirls. She is attractive and I have been told I am also.

My question is, how can I tell the difference between good customer service and flirting? I never notice that she's as friendly with other customers. If I ask her out and she says no, I will have to change banks out of embarrassment. I'm 40 and I think she is about the same age. I divorced last year and am just getting back on the dating scene.

Steve: If she greets you with a smile and offers small talk, she's providing good customer service. If she greets you with a smile, offers small talk and lightly nibbles your ear, she's flirting.

Mia: Next time you go, get in her line. When it's your turn, hand her your phone number and tell her, "Call me." I'll bet that she will. Good luck.

Q: I asked my boyfriend what he wanted for Christmas and he said, "Great sex." Could you please give me advice on what I should do? We live together and I feel like we've done everything there is to do at this point.

Mia: Is there any chance that you could surprise him with an island getaway? The breeze from the ocean and some sultry reggae music would inspire you. If you can, book a suite with a private pool or hottub.

Steve: Did you ever lightly nibble his ear?