DEAR ABBY: I have been communicating for three months with a gentleman I met on an online dating site. He says he wants to meet me in person, but every time we get close to setting a time and place, something comes up and he can't keep the date.

We live in the same city, so traveling isn't the problem.

When I ask why he's canceling our date, the answer is different every time.

I am beginning to think he just wants to communicate via email or chat. We have talked on webcam and know what each other looks like, so that is probably not the issue, either.

Should I keep waiting him out or just end it?

- Puzzled in Indiana

DEAR PUZZLED: By now it should be obvious that you are carrying on a conversation with someone who doesn't keep his word. He may be married or have misrepresented himself in some other way.

If you want a real, flesh-and-blood relationship with someone, stop wasting your time with this person. Move on and don't look back.

DEAR ABBY: With Christmas almost here, I'm wondering how much it would cost today for all of the gifts in the carol "The 12 Days of Christmas."

- Just Curious in Orlando, Florida

DEAR JUST CURIOUS: According to an Associated Press story published this year quoting the annual analysis by PNC Wealth Management, those 364 items - purchasing them each time they are mentioned in the song - would set the giver back $116,273. Not to belittle those birds, trees, golden rings and various musical artists, perhaps the money could be better spent?