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He's trying to dodge the friend zone in '15

Q: I didn't get laid once in 2014. My New Year's resolution is to change that.

Q: I DIDN'T GET laid once in 2014. My New Year's resolution is to change that. But besides that, I don't know what I can do different. I take women out from time to time, but always end up in the friend zone.

Mia: Not the dreaded friend zone! Once you end up in that category, it's hard to get out. The next time you take a woman out, make it clear from the start that you are her date - not her friend. Hold her hand. Pull out her chair. Pay the bill and when the night is over kiss her good night. If she brings up her ex, don't listen sympathetically. Take her hand, look into her eyes and say, "Let's talk about us." That will make it clear what your expectations are.

Steve: Well, Mia, then she'll say, "Sure, I want us to be friends." You should keep trying to find a woman interested in romance, but don't underestimate the value of having female friends. They can give you leads on women who could be a good match for you. And, every now and then, a friend can turn into one with benefits.

Q: I'd like to freak my guy for New Year's Eve. Only problem is we have been together for a long time and I'm out of ideas. What do you suggest?

Mia: What about a sexy show? You can dress up - or not - and show off your best dance moves. Pick a really hot song. Do a few practice sessions, put on a party hat and rock his world. He'll love it!

Steve: You may be out of ideas, but I bet he isn't. Have a chat and find out his fantasies.