Twelve-year-old Adora has already decided on a career. Very artistic, she produces wonderful freehand works. She is also passionate about fashion, so it is not surprising that her professional goal is to combine her two loves by becoming a fashion designer.

She was even more determined after taking a sewing class during the summer that ended with a fashion show, where she proudly displayed her creation.

Outgoing, intelligent, and inquisitive, Adora enjoys meeting new people. She gets along very well with adults and revels in being the center of attention. In her spare time, Adora enjoys watching tennis and basketball on television.

Adora was thrilled by the opportunity to visit an art gallery recently, where she toured the facility. Of special interest to her was the children's gallery with its exhibition of artwork by children.

Adora, enrolled in sixth grade, benefits from special-education services. She enjoys going to school, especially her art class.

Along with plans for her future, Adora has another goal - to be adopted. She would thrive in a home with a family that would be patient, loving, and supportive of her aspirations.

Adora and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Paige Roller at the National Adoption Center.