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are words often used to describe Jay. The 18-year-old has many interests, but he is most passionate about music and dreams of one day having a career in the industry.

He taught himself to play guitar and is very good at it. Jay takes great pleasure in making his own songs. "I strum on the guitar," he says, "and something comes into my head and I just write it down."

Jay was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit a music school, where he learned some new riffs and performed one of his own songs. His lyrics about living in the foster-care system and his desire to have a permanent family moved some of his listeners to tears. Jay hopes to inspire other youth with his music.

Jay, enrolled in the 12th grade, enjoys going to school and does well academically. He would like to attend college and major in music.

Jay has experienced many losses in his life and needs a family who will be totally committed to him. He has a lot of love to give and would bring happiness to the family who welcomes him into their home.

Jay and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Anna Coleman at the National Adoption Center.