Ja'Liyah is an outgoing and endearing 8-year-old whose smile can light up a room. She enjoys watching television and is a big fan of

Dora the Explorer

and Mickey Mouse. Ja'Liyah adores the movie


and has seen it many times.

She loves going to school and being in the classroom with other students. Ja'Liyah works very hard in school, and her teachers love her.

A perfect day for Ja'Liyah would be to be with her sister, Ja'Kiyah, and friends. She would be very happy staying at home or just hanging out in her backyard, enjoying hearing people laugh.

Ja'Kiyah is a 7-year-old ball of energy. She gets along well with adults and other children. Ja'Kiyah enjoys watching Disney movies and playing with her toys. If she could take a trip anywhere, it would be to Disney World. A perfect day for her would include spending time with her sister and going to the park.

Ja'Liyah and Ja'Kiyah love each other very much and dream of being adopted by the same family so they can grow up together. They would flourish with a family that could provide love, patience, and lots of attention.

Ja'Liyah and Ja'Kiyah and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Taylor Rotolo at the National Adoption Center.