Selena, 16, describes herself as nice, funny, smart, helpful, and cooperative. Her bright eyes and beautiful smile draw people to her.

A priority for her is helping others. She participates in community-service projects organized by her high school. She is also involved in a youth-mentoring program through her school. Another of her favorite activities is assisting at a local animal shelter.

Selena enjoys movies of all kinds - comedies, dramas, even scary ones. However, her true passion is dancing, especially ballet and hip-hop. She envisions a career as a choreographer.

Enrolled in the 10th grade, Selena is proud of meeting the academic goals she set for herself.

If she could take a trip anywhere, it would be to Hawaii because of the beautiful pictures she has seen of the islands. A perfect day for her would be spending time at the mall and shopping.

Most of all, Selena wants to be adopted and would be happy with any kind of family. Hopefully, there would be other children in the home and some pets, especially dogs. She would like to do fun things with the family and go on outings with them.

Selena and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Taylor Rotolo at the National Adoption Center.