A bad hangover is possibly one of the worst feelings that you can experience. It can vary from the early morning headache to spending the entire day in a ball wanting to cut your eyes out. All of this is a result of your body going through an intense state of dehydration. Well, don't worry your aching little head, here are seven ways to beat that bad hangover.

1. Things to avoid

Before I tell you what does help, I'll start off with some things that will not help you. Avoid aspirin, Tylenol and Ibuprofen at all costs. It may be the first thing that you want to reach for, but these pain relievers are also blood thinners which is bad for your overexhausted liver, and they're also very bad for your stomach. In fact, they will actually irritate your stomach more.

You'll also want to avoid coffee, as it will further dehydrate you and irritate your stomach tremendously. If you really need some caffeine in you, try green tea. Exercise is also something to avoid, as it will dehydrate you.

On to the good stuff.

2. Drink a Bloody Mary

You may not even be able to fathom the thought of putting even the slightest drop of alcohol into your system again, but a Bloody Mary will do you wonders. While your blood is dealing with the new alcohol in your system, it's ignoring the old. Meanwhile, the tomato juice and celery are full of vitamins. If you really can't even think about alcohol, make a Virgin Mary (a Bloody Mary sans the alcohol).

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Although your first inclination will be to go back to sleep, make sure you get some water in your system.  Aside from the fact that you've been consuming massive amounts of liquid all night, alcohol dehydrates the crap out of your body. Drink water, Gatorade or Vitamin Water as frequently as possible.

4. Eat a banana

Despite your urge to run to the nearest food cart or fast food joint for your greasy salvation, try a banana instead. The potassium will do your body good, while a greasy bacon, egg and cheese might make your aches and pains even worse. The lining in your stomach has already absorbed the alcohol, so throwing that greasy goodness on top of it won't absorb anything, it can only hurt it even more.

5. Toast or crackers

Remember when your parents used to give you toast or crackers as a kid when you had a stomach bug? This advice works for adults that are painfully hung over as well. While it won't cure all of the symptoms of your horrible hangover, it will raise your blood sugar levels back up.

When your blood sugar levels are low, it's your liver's job to produce more glucose from stored carbs, however, when you're hung over your liver is busy metabolizing the alcohol and can't handle the extra job. When your blood sugar levels stay down, it causes you to feel irritable and tired, so rev up that toaster and get to toasting.

6. Beans

Beans may sound like they would wreak havoc on your stomach, but they're a great source of fiber and folic acid, as well as protein to aid your body's recovery. Make sure you go for the reduced salt and sugar variety. (A tip: Hit your hang over with the double barrel by trying beans on toast.)

7. Peppermint Tea

A great remedy! Peppermint is a digestive aid that helps to relieve tension, bloating and nausea. It also speeds up the detoxification process and…BONUS…it gets rid of that disgusting taste in your mouth that you wake up with after a night of drinking. You know what I'm talking about.