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Chase and Jen Utley give 8 things they were thankful for in 2012

Chase and Jen Utley have countless reasons to be thankful. After all, the two are perfectly cognizant of their lifestyles accompanied by the blessings they receive daily.

Chase and Jen Utley at their annual Casino Night event benefiting the PSPCA. (Steven M Falk / Staff Photographer)
Chase and Jen Utley at their annual Casino Night event benefiting the PSPCA. (Steven M Falk / Staff Photographer)Read more

Chase and Jen Utley are cognizant of their accomplishments and lifestyles, accompanied by the blessings they receive daily. And for it all, they are thankful.

In fact, it's this very contained self-awareness that bolsters the sunny, power couple to lead exemplary lives, admirable as they have been before the public eye in recent years. The Phillies' second baseman - a hero to kids and adults across the region, especially upon winning the World Series in 2008 - has taken his professional baseball career and broadened it in a way that allows both him and his wife to advocate for causes they firmly support. To take it a step further, the couple started the Utley Foundation to educate the local community on the increasing epidemic of animal cruelty, and to raise funds to help afflicted creatures.

By spreading compassion and championing one of their favorite causes, the Utleys serve as role models for Philadelphia's future. And when the opportunity arose for the duo to share reasons why they were thankful this past year, their responses were charming and honest - providing insight to their fans on who they are and inspiring them overall.

1. The birth of our son Benjamin

There are no words to describe how thankful we are for him.

2. Our beautiful pit bull Jack

Who is just a rad dog all around (Sorry, we still say "rad" in California).

3. The health of our family

We are thankful for this daily.

4. Visiting Europe this fall

It was a real treat to fly from the east coast rather than California.

5. The support that we receive for The Utley Foundation and the PSPCA

For more information on both, click here.

6. We are thankful for our new Vitamix


7. Homeland

Because it is the best show ever but we wish it was on every week all year.

8. The chance to play for another World Series title in 2013!

Definitely thankful for that.