New Year's Eve can either be the best or worst night of the year. Make sure you start off the new year on the right foot. Below are the five people you most definitely do not want to be on NYE.

1. The person who doesn't make it to midnight

Come on, man. The whole point of New Years Eve parties is to make it to midnight. If you're really trying to make a night of it, hold off on the heavy drinking until after midnight. Falling asleep, passing out and/or getting sick before the ball drops is not a good way to start off 2013.

2. The person who is desperate for a midnight kiss

There is a lot of pressure to have someone to kiss at midnight, so it's understandable to be on the prowl if you don't have that special someone locked down. However, desperation is a major turnoff and drawing negative attention to yourself if definitely not going to get you that midnight smooch. Have fun, relax and I'm almost certain that that lucky lady or gentleman will find you before the clock strikes twelve – if not, who cares! No one will remember the next day anyway.

3. The person who's buying everyone's drinks tonight

Sure, you'll feel cool for the entire night, but tomorrow your "friends" will be gone and your wallet will be empty. If you're going to a bar for NYE, chances are you've probably already paid enough to be there, so there is no need to buy ten rounds of drinks on you.

4. The person who overdoes it

Don't be the most drunk person in the room. Just don't. Now that social media is a thing, do you really want to be plastered all over Facebook and Instagram while you're doing the robot on top of the bar with no shirt on? No, you don't. Drink enough to have fun, but not to be made fun of. Sure, you'll be the life of the party for the night, but for the next day, or week, or year, you'll most likely just be highly embarrassed.

5. The person with the dead phone

Charge your phone before you go out! You're going to be receiving or making tons of calls at midnight. You do not want to be the person who's asking to borrow phones at midnight.