Oh dear — how many Pinocchios should the president get for his latest exaggerations concerning his health?

According to the Washington Post, Trumpnocchio has lied no fewer than 1,628 times since he was sworn into office. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many people remain skeptical about the glowing health report the president received last week. According to published reports, Ronny Jackson, the White House physician has declared President Trump to be in "excellent heath" and said the president tips the scales at a mere 236 pounds at 6-foot-3.

Whoa! OK, wait a minute, I thought the initial height reported for the president was 6-foot-2. How did he suddenly get an inch taller? And is it a mere coincidence that his BMI just made the cutoff for the "overweight" category instead of "obese"?

And a new movement has been birthed. The "girthers" question the legitimacy of Trump's reported weight, and wonder if he's actually fatter than the White House doctor claims.

Rightly so, because it does strike many as odd that a 71-year-old non-exercising, fast-food-eating man with a clear case of Dunlaps disease (yeah, I said it: His stomach dun lapped over his pants) is simultaneously in excellent health.

Trump says he gets his exercise by playing golf, but according to the American Heart Association, golf doesn't cut the mustard for cardiovascular exercise —  especially if you're riding around on a golf cart from hole to hole, as Trump does.

The American Heart Association has consistently stated that the best types of exercise increase the heart rate and make you breathe heavily. For example, walking, jogging, running, stair climbing, swimming, jumping rope, bike riding.

Sorry, but riding around on your golf cart just doesn't get the heart rate up.

It's also been reported that Trump loves fast food like McDonald's and KFC, and guzzles down 12 Diet Cokes daily. It's pretty much common knowledge that a steady diet of fast food not only leads to an expanding waistline, but is also likely increase one's vulnerability to a variety of serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, and stroke.

Honestly, the president looks more than "overweight" and more like medically obese. Period.

Yeah, I know that the BMI calculation is based on total body weight and not muscle-to-fat ratio. However, I can also see with my own two eyes that Trump is no athlete, and certainly no Tiger on the golf course.

Why can't he just be honest, and stop with this absurd sham? It is simply ridiculous to claim Trump is the picture of perfect health.

Trump is absolutely the emperor with no clothes, a.k.a. the Big Girther!