Turns out that if you shoot a woman while baked thinking she's a deer, it won't completely ruin your chances of scoring a date. In fact, in the case of one Georgia couple, it could start the adventure altogether. But, please, don't try this at home.

Matthew Webb, 23, was stoned and sitting on his roof with a rifle, looking for deer late last month when he noticed something off in the distance. Hoping against hope that the blurry object he saw was in fact a huntable commodity, Webb gave chase with a carbine. Ultimately, the woman in question, Audrey Mayo, 24, heard his shouts and mistook them for a greeting, approaching Webb to join the party.

Then, he fired. The bullet ripped through Mayo's right knee, putting her in a local hospital. Webb, however, was right alongside his accidental victim, ready with a note of apology. Sweet, but that's not getting him out of potential criminal charges.

It did get him back into Mayo's good graces, though. Webb's ladyfriend, in fact, still faces possible amputation of the leg her boyfriend mangled, but that hasn't stopped the two from officially becoming known as an item around town.

Mayo's brother-in-law, Jesse Greer, perhaps but it best to the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

"Cupid doesn't use a bow and arrow anymore," said 30-year-old Jesse Greer, Mayo's brother-in-law. "He uses an SKS" rifle. 

With that, the two lovebirds appear free to do their thing. Just so long as no one else decides to pick anyone off in this particular situation.

We are talking about the South, after all.