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Drake lipstick sells out in 15 minutes

It's a no-brainer that Drake is a cutie-pie.

It's a no-brainer that Drake is a cutie-pie.

And we know the Tornoto-bred rapper started from the bottom. Not to mention we've all been slightly hypnotized for the last few months by his off-key dancing in the pastel-lit "Hotline Bling" video.

But an eponymously named lipstick that's not only a bumpin' shade but that - in 15 minutes - sold out online and in stores? Who knew?

That's what happened Monday when a dark burgundy, almost-black Tom Ford lip hue named Drake went on sale for $35. Since then, the creamy cosmetic has landed on eBay for $225.

Now that's a mark up.

Drake responded to the beauty brouhaha in an Instagram quip:

The Drake shade is a part of Tom Ford's 25-piece lipstick collection, Lips & Boys, first released in November 2014. It's a cute concept: It's supposed to remind you women of your (wannabe) man, (or your ex); at the same time, it's a nod to androgyny, as there are a few men with rosy puckers in the designer's print and online campaign.

On Black Friday, the Tom Ford camp rereleased the collection in Ford's stand-alone stores, but added a few celebrity names, including Drake and a blush-colored lip color called Jake (as in Gyllenhaal.) The collection was available to department stores and online outlets Monday, when it sold out.

We can assume the matte burgundy shade, "Jay" is an ode to Beyonce's hubby, and a hot pink hue called Justin is Bieber or Timberlake - take your pick.

Drake has had a subtle, yet very hard to ignore influence on style. His full beard has taken facial hair beyond the hipster and West Philly class to mainstream millennials who are more button-up than lumbersexual. I've seen many a guy wearing the loose turtleneck paired with the drop-crotch, yet fitted sweat pant, too.

In 2011, Drake launched a line of owl-logoed sportswear called OVO, short for October's Very Own (his birthday is Oct. 24). On Dec. 3, Drake opened his first OVO store in Los Angeles. And owls - I just bought a pair of earrings - are starting to trend on apparel that isn't part of the Drake brand.

So while it seems surprising that the 29-year-old megastar male can move that much lipstick, maybe it really isn't. And if the alluring color is Drake-approved, it's likely that the special man in your life will give it the thumbs up, too.