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Model, makeup mogul and mom: Josie Maran celebrates 'Philadelphia Style' cover

Let's talk about Josie.

Let's talk about Josie.

The model has a following, and it isn't simply because she's stunning, which is exactly how you would describe the face of Maybelline for nearly a decade. In recent years, Maran has emerged as the unofficial spokesperson for natural makeup, gaining respect within the beauty and cosmetics industry after selling over 1 million units of her "Josie Maran Cosmetics" line on QVC. The makeup-touting masses have made it clear - that they adore her products and are clamoring for more – and naturally, Josie wants to deliver.

Maran, who hosted Philadelphia Style Magazine's holiday party at the Hotel Monaco Wednesday evening as the publication's December Issue cover girl, sat with us to discuss her everyday life as a model-turned-cosmetics queen, in addition to the upcoming plans she has in mind for her brand. Fierce-yet-friendly in a blazing red lace dress that accented her svelte figure (post-pregnancy mind you), and with a chic top knot atop her head, Maran appeared at ease in the center of the Lafayette Ballroom, surrounded by an excited entourage of suits and short skirts in line for autographs and photos. Her eyes lit up at moments - like when we talked about her newborn baby, who steals the spotlight in this behind-the-scenes video, and when a friend of mine chimed in on Josie's argon oil, which Maran later slipped into her hand. She's a kind and hip soul, that Josie, from what I deduced during our brief conversation. Here's what we discussed:

EL: What are some of your recommendations for staying in shape during the holidays? (As we're surrounded by tables of desserts, delectable dishes and caloric drinks.)

JM: To stay in shape, look at all the girls who work at QVC. (Waves over to the waify figures who walk by, she says jokingly with a smile.) Enjoy your life! Take walks in beautiful places. Honestly, I have a newborn and I love her and I breastfeed her, and she eats all the fat off of me.

EL: After all that you've accomplished, what else is in the works? Will there be a "Josie" memoir?

JM: There will be a book, and I want to do something related to inner beauty next. It will include exercise, health and fitness, just like an empowerment, confidence guide.

EL: So what do you love most about the holidays? (Since we were smack in the middle of a holiday party)

JM: The holidays! I love making... [crafts]. What I did was take red paint and paint on firewood. It's so exciting when you take the red—it's like therapy! We put it on the mantel, and it stands out, that red paint on wood.

EL: How about Philly? What do you love most about this city?

JM: Honestly it's like I can have the best of both worlds. I live on a 300 acre farm*, and I have amazing restaurants and stores and I've got this balance of chic life with farm life, that I love.

*Josie splits her time between the East and West coasts. The farm she refers to is located in Newtown Square in the suburbs of the city.