A barroom brawl early Saturday ended with one man shot in an arm, another in a foot, and a third on the run, police said.

The shoot-out took place outside the 1252 Bar at 1252 S. 21st St. in the city's Point Breeze section after a man allegedly grabbed a female patron and another male patron intervened. That patron and two other men went outside. There, police say, one of the two men, Kevin Vancliff of the 5800 block of Springfield Avenue, pulled a gun and shot the man who had intervened in an arm. They struggled over Vancliff's gun, which discharged again, this time hitting Vancliff's foot.

The third man pulled a gun and was about to shoot the victim again when two bicycle patrolmen, hearing the gunshots, arrived. Police fired once at the third man, who ran away. Authorities said there was no sign he had been hit.

Vancliff was arrested at the scene; police were searching for the second man. - Chris Mondics